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Wow. Just wow. I guess coronavirus was not a total surprise…if you’re Bill Gates, or a leading virologist, immunologist, or epidemiologist. The rest of us seem to have been a little less prepared for a global pandemic.

Without getting politica—because those who know me well know I love to discuss politics—we can reasonably assert that the response has been unprecedented. Trillions of dollars are being injected into the economy through loans, grants, and cash payments to multinationals, small businesses and individuals alike.

At Chelsea’s Gourmet and Trattoria Dario, we have also taken unprecedented measures. We closed our businesses for an entire week in the middle of our busy season. We used this time clean and sanitize every surface inside and out. We renewed our protocols for health and safety, and we made tough calls to staff urging them to abide by social distancing measures and stay home until we could rehire them.

Even before we opened back up for take out and delivery, something special started happening. Many of our loyal customers reached out to us in unusual ways. There were the frequent diners from Trattoria Dario who sent checks for the service staff and words of encouragement for our family. There were regulars from Chelsea’s Gourmet who volunteered to help with sales calls and marketing, or who stocked up on wine (because what else is there to do during a pandemic other than drink more wine?). There were all of you who kept coming and demanding good food.

Our business has always been centered on how to best serve individuals and communities. We have always wanted to be part of the solution. The road ahead is fraught with difficulty and danger, but that is even more reason for us to stay focused on our core mission: we serve health and happiness. Thank you to those of you who continue to believe. We are all in this together.


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