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Cheers the the New Year: Resolutions for a Healthy Planet

Article originally published January 2020

Here at Chelsea’s Gourmet, where Vero shops for the good life, we’re committed to continuous growth and improvement. New Year’s resolutions are a perfect opportunity to evaluate our progress and recalibrate our goals. It’s a way to create more health and happiness. In just four years, we’ve introduced multiple innovative products and services, including gourmet coffee, acai bowls, cold pressed juice, a homemade bakery, thin crust Italian-style pizza and catering taco bars. Additionally, we’ve hosted wine tastings, cooking classes, happy hours, rehearsals, birthdays, fundraisers and other events. We’re kid and dog friendly.

Our goal is to be friendly with everybody. This requires a level of passion and care that won’t allow us to ignore the bigger picture. Earth’s ocean is under severe stress. The levels of pollution are inconceivable. For example, a study from the University of Georgia estimates that 18 BILLION pounds of plastic trash enter our oceans each year! The most commonly found items include single use plastics.

We’re changing from plastic to glass bottles for our cold pressed juice and we no longer offer plastic straws. In addition, most items we use for take-out are compostable and we recycle on site. As an extra incentive, we offer a 10 percent discount to anyone who brings back their single use plastics for recycling or for people who use reusable bags.

We’re also committed to using more organic products, especially local products like the

spring mix and arugula from Osceola Organic Farms. Organic farming is more

sustainable than conventional methods, because organic farming averts the

monocultures associated with pesticide use. This allows more conservation of

topsoil and the biodiversity contained therein. There’s also less of an issue with

chemical runoff Into streams and rivers that associated with mass transit is


If you like our resolutions, email us at:

We’d like to work together to address these problems

so we can restore balance on our planet.


3201 Cardinal Drive Vero Beach, Fl 32963


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