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Chelsea's Cold-Pressed Juice

 bottled to fit an active lifestyle
Benefits of juice

Juice can help counter the modern dieting dilemma: We’re eating more than ever before, but our bodies are still deprived of essential nutrients due to the industrialized way that our foods are grown, produced, and processed.

Raw fresh pressed juice can provide you with a multitude of benefits; helping to improve your immune system, increase energy, strengthen bones, clear skin, and lower risk of disease. Juice from fresh raw fruit, vegetables and herbs is the best source of nutrients and live energy. One of the biggest benefits of juicing is that you can greatly increase your daily intake of nutrients through fresh fruits and vegetables without making major changes to your diet and without increasing your caloric intake. Nearly 95% of the enzymes and vitamins our bodies need can be found in raw juice. 

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Chelsea's Gourmet
Organic cold-pressed Juice

Chelsea's Gourmet bottled juice is 100% juice (Cold-Pressed) with no preservatives or artificial ingredients! We are dedicated to providing all the ingredients needed for a healthy, happy lifestyle and our juices are a cornerstone of that effort! 

Our juice is cold pressed and bottled right here at our Vero Beach location using only the freshest ingredients! It is the same juice you've come to love getting at our juice bar just bottled to fit active lifestyles. 

Chelsea's Gourmet juice comes in 16 FL. OZ (473 ml) bottles and must be kept refrigerated. For best results, shake before drinking. 

 juice cleanses

Juice cleanses are designed to provide a reset button for your gut. Very few of us eat as well as we should, letting our diet fall prey to our busy lives, often eating whatever is most convenient rather than what we really need. A cleanse is an opportunity to get back to eating wholesome, pure foods. Further, cleanses are intended to allow the internal organs to rest through fasting. Fasting by drinking only juices for a period of time provides you with the nutrition you need to keep up your energy, but without taxing your digestive system.


Perhaps the best thing about a cleanse is the fact that all decisions about what you will be eating have already been made for you, taking away the stress of decision making and allowing you to really benefit from the cleanse. In the absence of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and saturated fat, the body and mind can eliminate toxins and put energy toward healing. In order to benefit the most from any cleanse, it should be accompanied by moderate physical activity and mindfulness practice.

Beginner Cleanse


Orange Crush, Green Force, Liver Cleanse, Orange Crush, Green Force, Charcoal Lemonade 

About the Beginner Cleanse:

The beginner cleanse is an excellent option for those hoping to: clear up their skin, alleviate bloating, sleep better, strengthen immune system. This juice cleanse can help the body reset by providing immediately available nutrients and relieving the digestive system while avoiding common toxins like refined sugar and saturated fat. Further, this cleanse is intended to allow the internal organs to rest through fasting. Fasting by drinking only juices for a period provides you with the nutrition you need to keep up your energy, but without taxing your digestive system and cleaning up all the unnatural toxins in your internal organs. 

Advanced Cleanse


Green Complex, Liver Cleanse, Green Force, Green Complex, Belly Well, Charcoal Lemonade, Ginger/Lemon Shot

About the Advance Cleanse:

While this cleanse provides a lot of the same benefits of the beginner cleanse, the intermediate juice cleanse is a little more challenging than the beginner cleanse, for the simple reason of having more vegetable-forward juices with a greater emphasis on greens and less natural sugar. This, however, provides even greater nutritional benefits as it relies less on carbohydrates and more on pure nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals, especially iron and calcium. However, this cleanse, lacking much of any sugar, can be quite challenging and is recommended doing without much hard-physical activity.  

Our Juices on your shelves

Interested in providing a fantastic organic juice option to your customers? We would love to talk to you about providing our juice at wholesale! This contact form will connect you directly to our team so that we can get back to you with more information. If you would prefer to speak over the phone, we can be reached at 772 234 8300. We look forward to hearing from you!

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The same juice

Bottled to fit an

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