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Chelsea’s Gourmet, Leading the Health Trend with Cold-Pressed Juice

Article originally published in Portfolio Magazine and written by Aubrey Martin

Throughout the last decade, the United States has seen a growing health trend in the food industry, but it has taken longer for these trends to develop in less urban areas like Vero Beach. Since taking over ownership of Chelsea’s Gourmet, we’ve made strides in delivering unique foods and healthy alternatives into our community.

Chelsea’s Gourmet Juice Bar has been around for nearly two years, inspired by some of the most health-conscious establishments on the west coast. We offer a myriad of natural and organic products: cold-pressed, bottled juice (100 percent organic coming this cold-pressed health shots, superfood smoothies, superfood acaí bowls, as well as ice coffee bar that concentrates on classic Italian-style coffee drinks.

It’s with great excitement that we officially announce that we’ve started to bottle our cold-pressed juices! Why coldpressed? Cold-pressed juice machines extract the most nutrients without heating or oxidizing the produce. First, through a very slow process, the produce is shredded. Next, a hydraulic system presses and extracts all of the juice and nutrients from the shredded produce. The vitamins and minerals from cold-pressed juice will benefit your body in countless ways, by boosting your immune system, removing toxins from your body, providing hydration, increasing cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, acting as a natural energizer, and giving your digestive system a much-needed break!

While all of our items are very tasty, flavor was not our sole objective in creating this venture, unlike many smoothie and juice shops in the country. Our motto says it all, “We provide health and happiness,” and true happiness cannot last without health.

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in our products!


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