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Foodies Love Thursday Night at Chelsea’s

Article originally published in Portfolio Magazine

Chelsea’s Gourmet presents its reoccurring seasonal series of Thursday night events. As in previous years, the main attraction is the wine tastings with certified sommeliers and other industry professionals. This year’s series will include a number of cooking classes with the new young chef, Patrick Baker.

Each week will feature a different theme (bubbly wine tasting the week before New Year’s; couple’s cooking class on Valentine’s Day), but the expectation for great food, wine and hospitality will remain a constant throughout.

These events are a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about the amazing products available at Chelsea’s Gourmet. Moreover, the establishment’s owners and management are frequently in attendance and the team is happy to share more about their community and value-driven mission and approach.

The price is right at $10, so start the weekend early on a Thursday! Stop in and see why

Chelsea’s Gourmet is where Vero Beach shops for the good life.

For more details, visit Chelsea’s Gourmet, 3201 Cardinal Drive, Vero Beach


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