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Chelsea's is Working Side by Side with The MHA to Combat Mental Illness in Vero Beach

Crafting gourmet food and drinks is our specialty but that doesn't mean that we can't help a great cause outside the food realm while we do it! It brings us great pleasure to say that we have partnered with the Mental Health Association in Indian River County to help provide mental health services to our community.

It's no secret that mental health is a huge deal, you see it everywhere these days from social media to major news headlines, and making sure that those in need can find the help that they are looking for is something that the Chelsea's team is happy to jump on board with! So, we are supporting those that support this great organization with free food!

Donate $60 & receive a gift certificate for LUNCH (+ a side & drink) for two. 

($30 tax deduction.) 

Donate $240 & receive a gift certificate for a 3-course DINNER for four, includes

2 bottles of wine. Can be split into 2 dinners for 2 with one bottle of wine for each.

($120 tax deduction.) 

Just last year the MHA provided 900 mental screenings, 10,000 professional services, 4,000 psychotherapy sessions, 900 psychiatry sessions, and 4,000 group services at little to no cost to those in need. To learn more about the MHA visit their website here!

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